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Unlimited transfers worldwide within 1-3 banking days (depending on the origin of transfer) including GCC and Eurasian countries. Transfer routes are carefully developed by professionals and can be altered depending on the case. High-volume transfers are negotiated with your Banker in advance. We work with major currencies and for currencies that we do not support, our currency exchange partners will provide appropriate solutions


Cash collection at the most convenient location negotiated with the client or at our offices Possibility to use ATM cash deposit services


You have finally found an offshore bank that understands cryptocurrency. CG BANK can transact for exchanges in multiple currencies and for crypto investors. Our offshore bank has approved cryptocurrency transactions with its regulators and their correspondent partners and is going to make a big splash in the industry. So, here’s what you need to know about the best offshore bank for cryptocurrency.
Let us explain why it’s such a big deal that an offshore bank is processing cryptocurrency (moving from bitcoin to US Dollars or Swiss Francs, for example). It’s because most offshore banks block transfers from an exchange to your account. And, if you send a wire from a bitcoin exchange, banks will often close your account. This is happening every day and becoming more and more common, especially in the offshore world.
Each and every customer of the exchange that wants to transact through the bank must open an account at the bank. Then the exchange can open a corporate and client account at the offshore bank.
Customers of the exchange will be allowed to send transfers from their exchange account to their offshore bank account. That is to say, customers can ONLY transact from the crypto account in their name (or their offshore company’s name) and the bank account of the same name.
CG bank also provides standard international banking services. Finally, our offshore bank has a full online banking portal. This will allow you to transact and send wires any time of the day from anywhere in the world.
Businesses with crypto activity are welcomed in our Bank, please contact our specialists for more information
We accept the next types of coins:



Cheque clearing timeframe varies from 10 up to 40 banking days depending on the cooperation of the issuing Bank Cheque originals are sent to our correspondent address for further collection


Gold is priced like hard currency and can easily be sold into the world markets at any time, or used as security for a Lombard Loan. Via our sister company CG Trust and Family Office based in United Arab Emirates we purchase bullion gold and other precious metals on behalf of our clients. The gold is in physical form and is available any time for collection from a secure facility in UAE that is convenient for DXB airport, or can be resold with a quick and simple instruction to your Private Banker


Stock Market, Real Estate , AAA Bonds, Cryptocurrency, Savings Accounts and other options are available, please contact our specialists for more information


We provide expertise and support conduct business in global smoothly, maximize opportunities and achieve long-term sustainability.

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Whether you are doing business in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas or elsewhere, CG Bank will set up the best trading or holding structure for your business in line with local laws and regulations.

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