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CG Bank S.A. is a 100% offshore bank incorporated under the laws of the Autonomous Island of Moheli, within the Union of Comoros. It is part of a strong multi-national group that also includes onshore banking and trust interests (in Moroni, Grand Comore and in United Arab Emirates) as well as aviation and shipping businesses, we are committed to listening, delivering customised solutions and developing close relationships with our clients.

Our strength is our unique personalised approach to clients and their business. We provide customised solutions and maintain utmost discretion.

We believe that a great bank is one that makes its clients feel special! We endeavour to foster that feeling

Shareholding of CG Bank is as follows:

Comoro Gulf Holding, Grand Cayman
Individual private investors from Gulf Region

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled. The corporate governance of banks differs from the corporate governance of ordinary companies. This is due to the nature of the banking business, the complexity of its organisation, the uniqueness of banks’ balance sheets, the need for protection of the weakest party in the chain (i.e. the depositors), and the systemic risks caused by bank failures.

CG Bank’s goal is to provide a first class client experience, specifically for SME corporate clients. We aspire to grow organically by expanding our international private banking services to regions where small and medium size corporate clients are not well represented

CG Bank provides Professional Corporate Solutions and advice to businesses seeking to trade and invest beyond their own national borders. We offer sophisticated international Corporate Structuring and arrange superior banking services to meet the demands of international Businesses and entrepreneurs. We have developed a reputation for providing a diverse and attractive range of Advisory Services, International Tax Planning, Investment Holding & Trading structures.

Client Focus

Our Bank takes pride in being able to develop tailored solutions and services for both private and corporate clients. Our solutions are client-driven to focus on our clients’ business needs. At CG Bank we eliminate boundaries and transcend time zones to improve clients’ situations, while striving to provide superior customer service, communicating tailor-made financial solutions and professionalism. Our corporate culture is one that advocates integrity, quality of service and collaboration. We offer our clients access to their funds through our network of partnerships and correspondents, including around one million ATMs worldwide. CGNET, our online banking service, offers our clients a great way to view and manage all their business through a secure web interface.

We’re focused on serving customers well. For us this means treating customers fairly, offering them flexibility in how they choose to bank with us and offering extra help to vulnerable customers and those in financial difficulty. It means keeping their funds safe and secure, improving financial capability and supporting enterprise.

We’ve already made great progress in putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. We’re confident that by continuing to find new and exciting ways to innovate we can give our customers what they want – outstanding service that’s effortless every day and brilliant when it matters.

Principal Correspondents

As part of an international holding group that includes an onshore bank, CG Bank’s strong correspondent banking relationships are assured. With particular reach in the EMEA region (Europe Middle East and Africa) we also maintain close trade relationships with Asia

We maintain a commitment to community banks with a wide range of products and services including lending, funding, short term investments, fixed income investments, securities, credit, gift, and pay card services, and operating services. Our officers are knowledgeable with in depth experience and stand ready to help you with the support you need.

Privacy & Security

Our services are accessible through our state-of-the-art international network system which is a fully secured network for transmitting private and corporate information while ensuring that business transactions are performed without delay.

CG BANK has taken a number of important steps to ensure the security of our banking clients. Using industry leading technology standards and highly attuned human verification processes, CG BANK provides a transparent and secure banking environment.

Human Intervention

Unlike major money center banks who have straight through processing (STP), our trained staff manually processes all outgoing transactions. This human verification process gives you an additional level of protection from electronic hacking. The knowledge of our clients combined with strong AML training substantially reduces the chances for fraudulent activity within your account.

Industry Leading Encryption

The bank utilizes 256bit SSL encryption certificates to protect all client sensitive material. Our software is PCI compliant and follows the latest in online security practices. Our servers offer triple-redundancy protection to ensure your information is always available. We offer clients the ability to communicate through PGP encrypted email, or internal virtual messaging to further our privacy offering.

Transactional Only Banking

While you may not know it, one of the biggest risks to banking clients is not online fraud, but the fractional reserve banking system. CG Bank holds a 100% deposit ratio and is a transactional only bank. The bank makes no loans and does not engage in leverage or speculation with client assets