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• The dedicated SWIFT IBAN stands for those clients whose professional interest spreads worldwide. It allows to operate through the globe according to the SWIFT payment system.

• The international swift iban allows to receive money from any countries in the world.

• The beneficiary of the account will be your company.

• The minimum deposit requirement is EUR 10.000.

• This type of account takes 7-21 banking days.

Personalized Assistance

An experienced private banker is assigned to all new accounts. Your banker is your key contact, you will have his/her direct mobile phone to answer any concerns you may have

Fast Account Opening

Old Fashioned face-to-face service delivered through a high tech platform

All CG BANK clients obtain the following benefits:

  • NO TAXES: Foreign source income is not taxed. Therefore, LLC’s whose sole sources of income are from outside of the Comoros Islands do not pay any taxes.
  • NO CRS: The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is an information standard for the Automatic Exchange Of Information (AEOI) regarding bank accounts on a global level, between tax authorities. You should know that Autonomous Island of Mohéli, Union of the Comoros didn’t sign that document and therefore you should be confident that your private information will be in safety.
  • NO ROGATORY: An "Asset Search With Letters Rogatory" advises that a domestic court may issue a letter rogatory (a.k.a. a "letter of request" or "legal assistance request"), to try to compel a foreign bank to disclose offshore records.
  • NO MLAT / AEOI: AEOI is an international standard developed by the OECD and G20 which let the participating countries’ citizens’ bank account data to be exchanged automatically to the countries’ tax authorities. With CG Bank you don’t need to think about it!
  • PRIVACY & SECURITY: Our services are accessible through our state-of-the-art international network system which is a fully secured network for transmitting private and corporate information while ensuring that business transactions are performed without delay.

About CG Bank

CG Bank's goal is to provide a first class client experience, specifically for SME corporate clients. We aspire to grow organically by expanding our international private banking services to regions where small and medium size corporate clients are not well represented

Our Offices

Our Lithuanian Office:

Laisvės pr. 60-1205, LT-05120, Vilnius, Lithuania
(visits must be scheduled at least 2 days in advance)
(Mon-Fri, 10.30 am till 7.30 pm, EEST)

English, Italian, Lithuanian

Our UAE Office:

Building 11, level 7, Bay Square, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
(Mon-Thu, Sun, 8:30 am till 5.30 pm, GST)


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Our Estonian Office:

Peterburi tee 53, 11415, Tallinn, Estonia
(visits must be scheduled at least 2 days in advance)
(Mon-Fri, 10.00 am till 7.00 pm, EEST)

English, Russian, Spanish, French
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Registered Office:

Nioumachoua, Autonomous Island of Mohéli,
Union of the Comoros